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Forever Favourites

Posted on Dec 14, 2015

Tom Dixon Royalty Diffuser

Royalty Diffuser By Tom Dixon

The signature Tom Dixon scented diffuser subtly releases fragrance into the air. A bundle of black rattan reeds are held within a stainless steel and glass vessel. The scent is reminiscence of tea time with a pot of Earl Grey, scones with strawberry jam and the drive home in a '52 Bentley with tatty leather seats.

Available at: GR Shop

Retail: $122

Tea Rex "Graves" Kettle By Alessi

To mark the 30th anniversary of the famous "Graves" kettle, designer Michael Graves has redesigned the whistle, turning the little bird into a charming supernatural reptile, a prehistoric, mythological and futuristic creature all at the same time: Tea Rex. The dragon is a reference to the Chinese culture for whom these beings symbolise strength and fortune.

Available at: William Ashley

Retail: $225

Alessi Graves Tea Rex Kettle
Kosta Boda Snowball Votive

Snowball Crystal Votive By Kosta Boda

Skiing, sledding, snowball fights, and candlelight dinners with family and friends. The handmade Snowball Votive by Kosta Boda evokes the comforts of home and sparkles with warmth and magic winter light. Since its introduction in 1973, Snowball is one of Kosta Boda's all-time bestselling products.

Available at: Wayfair

Retail: $45

Kaleidos Stainless Steel Basket By Alessi

The Kaleidos Basket by Alessi was designed by Naoko Shintani who took her inspiration from the Japanese tradition of origami with the aim of reproducing the dynamism of folded paper in metal. The result is an object that recalls a kaleidoscope which reflects and multiplies its content in an infinite series of cross-references. Makes a stunning basket, fruit holder or container!

Available at: William Ashley

Retail: $215

Alessi Kaleidos Basket
 Martha Sturdy Resin Trays

White Marble Resin Tray By Martha Sturdy

When we need a cheese platter, or serve drinks; holding oversized books on the ottoman or tastefully containing jewelry and perfume on the vanity: we reach for these Martha Sturdy trays for everything from dessert plates to desktop organizers.

Available at: Provide

Retail: $320

Molten Frost Serving Set By Michael Aram

A serving set by Michael Aram is the only set you'll ever need. The Molten Frost set features an etched surface that masks scratching that could appear over time with high polished stainless steel.  Every bead is an individual weld that has been carefully dropped in place by a very skilled artisan.

Available at: Michael Aram

Retail: $95

Michael Aram Serving Set
Simon Pearce Revere Hurricane

Revere Hurricane By Simon Pearce

Inspired by Paul Revere's iconic silver bowl, the short stem and flared lip of the hurricane makes it a contemporary, yet timeless classic. Display Simon Pearce Hurricanes on a harvest table, mantel or just about anywhere you crave candlelight.

Available at: Simon Pearce

Retail: $210