fbpx Classic Housewares with a British Twist

Classic Housewares with a British Twist

Posted on May 18, 2018

It's high time for tea, crumpets, fine fashion and a little celebration! The royal marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has taken the world by storm - and what better time than now to highlight some iconic British brands to fall in love with all over again. Add a splash of English style to your home!

Kenwood Kitchen Machine

Mix it like Markle

Kenwood has been proudly manufacturing stylish small kitchen appliances since 1947, with a focus on ensuring every product enhances your enjoyment of cooking. Meghan's love of food and cooking makes this a must-have for hosting afternoon tea with homemade crumpets!

Shop: Kenwood

Gordon Ramsay x Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton

Give your kitchen the royal finish with Royal Doulton! Their products are known to be favourites of famous Brit chefs (we're looking at you, Gordon Ramsay). Slice up a salad with their 6-piece knife set, or brew a fresh cup of coffee with their custom Coffee Story French Press.

Shop: Royal Doulton

Wedgwood Vase

Windsor-Style Entertaining with Wedgwood

The Wedgwood company exemplifies the highest quality of English bone china. Beautifully proportioned and perfectly detailed, these dining sets are sure to give scale and impact to every dinner party. Their Renaissance gold collection combines bold Florentine accents with the pure oval form of Wedgwood's celebrated cameo, while their Burlington pots collaboration with Laura Cavendish exemplify organic marbling. 

Shop: Wedgwood

Newey & Bloomer Tea Kettle

Kensington's Favourite Kettle

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has been known to make Newey & Bloomer's Simplex Buckingham Tea Kettle her go-to wedding gift! Both Prince Charles and Prince William received her Majesty's best wishes (and cup of tea) with this iconic, solid copper kettle.

Shop: Newey & Bloomer

Victoria Eggs Egg Cup

Britify your Breakfast

Two words: egg cups. Posh up your morning and your boiled egg and soldiers with sweet and playful home wares from Victoria Eggs.

Shop: Victoria Eggs

White Company London Bedding

Sleep like a Princess

Impeccably stylish and imperially tested, the White Company London's linens are often the choice of The Royal Family. Give your kingdom of slumber and style a little extra love with the royal treatment!

Shop: The White Company

Burleigh Tea Set

Tea fit for a Queen

Steeped in a history spanning over 165 years, Burleigh is world famous for its blue and white ceramics which are hand made in England using traditional techniques. Its best-selling ‘Asiatic Pheasants’ design has been made in the same way since 1862. Burleigh is the only pottery in the world to decorate using tissue transfer printing from hand engraved copper plates - a 250-year-old process that takes seven years to master!  

Shop: Burleigh

Newgate Clock

Time it like the Brits

We think the 'Mr. Edwards' in matte grey is just the style statement your wall needs. This British clock brand designs iconic wall clocks, mantel clocks and alarm clocks. Classic and contemporary timepieces are welcome in our homes - always! 

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