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My Design Inc TV series for HGTV pulled back the curtain to reveal the inner workings of my design firm. Over four seasons and 50 episodes, we shared the challenges and triumphs, and the ins and outs of four years in the life of our team and projects. From luxe living rooms and gourmet kitchens to my very own first baby's nursery, this much-loved series tackled almost every space imaginable. 

Ingrid's Penthouse
A Dining table with a bright light hanging over it.
A plate, napkin and cutlery
The view of the kitchen island, seats and lights
Storage for the kitchen
Kitchen counter and chairs
kitchen island and chairs with hanging lights
A big brown couch with a coffee table in front of it
Three couches and a lamp
A couch with a glass end table next to it
Tara's Master (season 2)
Bedroom with chairs and table
Pillows on the bed
Flowers in a glass vase
A bedroom with a table and chairs
A couch with comfortable pillows in front of a window
Cabinet with a large mirror resting on it
Fanny's Bathroom (season 2)
 The Bathroom counter
The shower, bathroom cart and toilet
A bathroom cabinet with towels and other supplies inside
Bathroom faucet
The bathtub
Denise's Kitchen (season 2)
The dining room table over a carpet
The dining room table
A set table
The Kitchen counter and sink
The kitchen sink
The kitchen island and stools
Maury's Family Room (season 2)
A Family room glass table
Family room coffee table and couches
Comfy couches
A white armchair
Two pillows on the couch
Armchair and pictures
Julie's Kitchen (season 3)
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Counter
Flowers on the counter
Kitchen sink
Kitchen fridge
Didem's Kitchen (season 3)
A Kitchen Counter and armchair
Kitchen counter, cabinets and sink
Dining room table and chairs
Margo's Dining Room (season 3)
A dining room table
beautiful floral wallpaper
Dining room table
Dining room Chairs
Sarah's Nursery (season 3)
Couch and bookcase
A comfy armchair
A closet with baby clothes inside
A ceramic giraffe lamp
The babies crib and dresser
an Armchair and footrest
A close up of the armchair
A close up of the bed pillows
A comfortable bed
Mr. Greenjeans (season 3)
Tables and green plates
Dining tables
Dining tables with a green wall in the background
A dining table with comfortable armchairs
Dining tables and white wall with mirrors
Annabelle's Living Room (season 2)
A green and black set of chairs around the dining room table
Armchairs and a footrest
A couch, armchairs and table
Pillows on a comfortable couch
Chairs around a table
Bathtub and shower
A bathtub with a small table with towels on it
The Bathroom counter and cabinets
A small glass desk infront of a mirror for putting on makeup.
A couch with a side table
A beautiful chandelier
A glass vase with flowers
Matthew's Kitchen (season 4)
A kitchen island with red stools
Dishwasher with bowls on the counter
cooking utensils
A Full view of the kitchen
The kitchen range
The kitchen table is set with purple and white plates and bowls.
Danny's Bathroom (season 3)
A bathtub with an armchair next to it
A Bathroom cabinet and counter
Bathroom counter and shower
The Bathub faucet
A vase with flowers in it on the bathroom counter.
The Bathroom Shower
A private room for the toilet
Caroline's Bathroom (season 2)
The Toilet and bathroom counter
The blue bathtub and end table
A cabinet filled with towels and candles and cups
A sink with a mirror above it in the bathroom
A glass shower in the bathroom
Tim's Kitchen (season 2)
The Kitchen range and counters
The kitchen table
 Kitchen sink
Plates and cutlery
Blue kitchen tiles
The kitchen island with pink chairs tucked under it.

Photography by Stacey Brandford

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