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Tommy is Library People

Posted on Oct 12, 2017

Tommy is Library People

October is Canadian Library Month 

As a life long bibliophile I am an enthusiastic supporter of my hometown Library: The Toronto Public Library. A lot of people aren’t aware that though the Library receives government funding, it’s vital programs (Funded through The Toronto Public Library Foundation) could not function without the additional help it needs from corporate and individual donors. In essence, the government can only do so much, and The Library needs to do so much more.

Here children from underserved communities can access the Internet for free. Here refugees and new Canadians can learn a new language and find a welcoming community. This is where the kids next door are learning to code and where the next great Canadian novel is being researched and written.

I’m Library People and I hope you’ll join me and Sarah and the team at Sarah Richardson Design in supporting YOUR local Library this month. Even the smallest donation is making a huge impact - right in your own backyard!!

Be library People: Donate Now

Five reasons I love the Toronto Public Library: 

1.  Are you irritated by people who are critical or judgemental toward situations, groups and individuals they know nothing about? Me too. I love the Library, because it is the cure for all that. Know more…be better…act accordingly.

2. I love the Library because information is a human right, and everyone should have access to the internet. Regardless of economic circumstances.

3. I love the Library because art matters and if your situation prevents you from visiting The Louvre, the Library can bring The Louvre to you. What’s not to louvre about that?!

4. I believe in equity, diversity, intellectual freedom, innovation, inclusion, integrity, accountability and quality service – for everyone in Toronto. That’s why I love the Library…and why I’m running for Mayor! (JK…or am I?)

5. Because the written word has the power to transform, transcend and transport, but The Library isn’t just about books anymore! Knowledge can obliterate every boundary. The Library has the power…and the technology.

(bonus reason)

I love the library because its quiet. Shhhhhhhhh…!

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