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Mother of Pearl

Posted on Jun 19, 2015

Shell Inlay Nightstand


Crafted using the ancient inlay tradition of India, this ornate nightstand is made from responsibly sourced bone and mother-of-pearl. Its creamy ivory colour and one-of-a-kind variations make this a coveted piece of furniture for your bedroom.

Available at: abc carpet & home

Retail: $498 (no longer available)

Pinch Pots

Isabel Halley’s delicate porcelain bowls feature 3 stripes of mother of pearl luster and are hand pinched to create an organic form uniquely different in every piece. Place a pinch pot on your nightstand to corral your earrings, bracelets and wristwatch before bed, or use them as salt-pepper cellars and set them at the table with a small spoon for serving.

Available at: Isabel Halley Ceramics

Retail: $35 each

Isabel Halley Ceramics Porcelain Bowl
Julia Knight Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

Elegance meets function in this mother of pearl and polished stainless steel ice bucket. Nestle this bucket among your best barware on your antique bar cart or place it atop your dining room sideboard for a luxe look that’s sure to impress guests when you entertain.

Available at: Julia Knight

Retail: $225


Hang this mirror over an occasional table or sideboard, or just about any space you want to infuse with raw elegance and iridescent beauty. The mother of pearl finish makes this handcrafted mirror a game-changing accessory that’ll bring your décor to the next level.  

Available at: Horchow

Retail: $682

Mother of Pearl Mirror
Anthropologie Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

This is one bottle opener you won’t mind leaving out on the counter. Made of brass, stainless steel and mother-of-pearl, this good-looking tool need not be hidden in a junk drawer. Display it proudly among your best barware accessories!

Available at: Anthropologie

Retail: $14 (no longer available)

Picture Frame

You can never have too many pictures frames. Well, maybe you can – but if you’re looking for a special frame to show off your new favourite photograph, this mother of pearl stunner might just be your winner!

Available at: Origin Crafts

Retail: $44.50 (no longer available)

Mother of Pearl Picture Frame
Tile Circle Mother of Pearl Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon Tiles

Handmade from genuine natural freshwater pearls, these hexagon tiles are strong and durable, and can be installed in a variety of applications. Think kitchen backsplash or shower wall! The natural textures and colour variations will impart a truly unique look and feel.

Available at: Tile Circle

Retail: $20 per square foot