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Sarah Richardson Design has been in the business of creating beautiful and happy homes for our clients for over 20 years. Want a dash of elegant, practical style in your home? Hire the team and watch them work their magic. 

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About Us

Our dedication to our craft is almost as well known as our fun loving approach to the process. Let's face it—interior design is expensive, so why shouldn't it also be an enjoyable and exciting experience? We believe that every home, at every level, in every neighbourhood can be beautiful and comfortable. With your design dreams in mind and an expert eye, we'll help to create an amazing home that best suits your aesthetic, family and budget. 

We’ve learned that a team effort always yields the best results.  Our collaborative group of experienced and dedicated designers draws from multidisciplinary backgrounds to create the perfect fit for your project. The most important member of the design team is you!  Client collaboration is critical at every step of the way, so join the team, learn a little, laugh a lot and love the results!

Our Process

Interested in working with Sarah Richardson Design?
Take a peek at our process below! 

Hi! We're SRD—Nice to meet you!

Think we're the right fit for your project? Fill out our online form or send us an email and we can start chatting about your wish list, timeline, budget and any other important information we'll need to get the party—er, your project—started!

Your first date with SRD

Ok, so it’s not really a first date (we already know we’ll love you) - our team will meet you in person and walk through the project. This is the perfect time to discuss your design style, the functionality you’re hoping for and nail down the budget we’ll be working with.


Every project needs a comprehensive budget that includes each element of every space - before we really get moving, it’s important that we review & confirm that everyone’s on the same page. 

Our Press Section 2: Desk, chair with decorations


Now that it’s business time, our designers will work with you to create a floor plan that won’t only look amazing, but combines elements of your wish list into the planning process! We’re not happy until you are, so we’ll keep tweaking until you’re thrilled.


It’s time to bring your design to life! We’re happy to work with trades you’ve supplied, or to help you hire some of the tradesmen we consider to be an extended part of the SRD team.

* Please note: Sarah Richardson Design is not responsible for any work performed by external contractors; clients are responsible for engaging in additional contracts with each trade as needed.


From fabric schemes to designing custom furnishings, this is the point where you really start to see the home take shape. Our team will source all of the art and other little elements that will make your room shine!


Throughout the entire process, SRD will check in on progress of your project - we’ll make sure that the right materials are being installed and everything is running smoothly.


Our team will also take care of procuring all of the goods that your room will feature - we manage placing the orders, arranging deliveries and inspecting the products as they arrive. You just get to sit back and watch your project come together before your eyes!

Our Process Section 3: Kitchen Confidential
Our Process Section 4: London Flat: Living Room


This is when the magic really happens! All the deliveries are put in their proper place, the art is hung on the wall… flowers are in the vase and candles lit. The next time you walk into your room, it might just feel like you’ve walked into the pages of a design magazine.


We like to make sure we’ve dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s - if there is anything left to take care of, it’ll get done!

Our Capabilities

20 years of reimagining rooms and I still can’t wait to start a new project! Take a peek through all that my team and I do - we would love to work with you!

The early bird gets the worm

The earlier you give us a call, the better! If you’re renovating or building a new space, including your interior design team in your initial discussions with contractors and architects ensures you’ll get the space you’ve always wanted. We've partnererd with many talented builders over the years, and would love to assist you in assembling your dream team.

Let us do the decor

From conception to completion, Sarah Richardson Design has a completely tried and true process that’s tailored to meet every projects’ needs. We individually staff each project with the unbelievably talented designers and project managers from our in-house team that best compliment your tastes and needs. Each designer‘s rates are tiered to reflect years of experience and education, so every level of service is covered at the appropriate scale. I’m also proud to share our trade discounts with our clients - ranging anywhere from 10 to 30%, these premiums provide significant style and savings.

Get your hands dirty

Need a little design crash course? We’ve got just the thing - a one-time, two hour consultation in the comfort of your own home! My design team has tons of tips, tricks and inspiration to help you take charge of your dream DIY makeover. If you’re a hands-on homeowner, this is the perfect way infuse some of my team’s ideas and information into your designs!

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Sarah founded the firm that bears her name in 1998 and has enjoyed every thrilling moment of her entrepreneurial adventure. From early days as a prop stylist for TV shows and magazines, to hosting, co-creating and co-producing her own shows, Sarah views her job in the world of design as a fluid evolution filled with new adventures and challenges at every junction. As a child, Sarah was always busy with some sort of creative art, craft or DIY project, and nothing has changed since...

With 12 years of private client experience to her credit, as well as 5 seasons on HGTV’s hit series, Design Inc., Natalie is well versed in both city and country style, and has designed an impressively diverse range of interiors.  Her work has been featured in international design magazines including Canadian House and Home, Renovation Style, Chatelaine, Spa Finder and Style at Home...

A passion for textiles and a finely-tuned mastery of colour are the hallmarks of Kate Stuart’s look.  A signature "Kate" space is realized when a mix of contemporary and antique upholstery and fine case goods are combined with luxurious fabrics and dressmakers details to create classically beautiful yet fresh interiors...

While studying at the University of Western Ontario (BA 2007), Nicole spent two summers interning for Tory Burch at her New York City design studio.  During her Big Apple experience, Nicole developed her appreciation for and love of fabrics, colours and pattern, and discovered the world of all things vintage. Once back home, Nicole made a natural transition into the world of residential design and became a member of Sarah's team in 2009...

With a long-standing love of art and design and an innate attention to detail, Laura Fremont is the newest member of the Sarah Richardson Design team.  Her natural ability to combine treasured vintage finds and new pieces into a space that reflects both comfort and warmth is her signature...

With an unwavering attention to detail, Shannon designs every space with a harmonious balance of form, style and function. Shannon holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (York University, 2010), but her desire to pursue a career in Interior Design sent her back to school to earn her second degree, a Bachelor of Interior Design (Humber College, 2014). After spending what felt like a lifetime in the classroom, Shannon hit the ground running and first emerged in the field as an intern at SRD in 2013...

Moving from Mount Forest (a small Northern Ontario town) to the big city, Kelsey has spent her career working towards her dream of being an interior designer. After graduating from Sheridan College, Kelsey gained valuable industry experience working at Restoration Hardware and as a kitchen designer before joining team SRD. Starting out as a field intern, Kelsey has grown to be an integral part of the team. Her responsibilities include generating CAD and 3D renderings and keeping projects on track while maintaining strong client relationships...

A self proclaimed ‘small town girl’, Jennifer set out to expand her horizons in the big city after graduating from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario (BAH, 2005). With a professional background in Retail Marketing, Jennifer combined her work experience with her penchant for beautiful products and photography and started a lifestyle Blog entitled The Pretty Purveyor...