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Get Organized

Posted on Sep 4, 2015

In the spirit of September and getting back to 'the grind', Team SRD is sharing their 'can't-live-without' items to help you stay organized and keep it all together!

Orange and Blue Day Planner

Takeout Menu Organizer

Megan Crosbie's pick:

This take-out menu organizer is a super easy and attractive way to keep something everyone has and needs neat and tidy. Instead of a drawer full of menus creating clutter, this binder gives you the opportunity to keep menus organized by food type so that you can quickly look at your options depending on your food cravings. It also has a note pad to jot down orders for large groups, and a rating system to help you keep your favourites top of mind!

Buy: $10 USD, Knock Knock Stuff

Travel Envelope

Jennifer Gibeau's pick:

On a shopping excursion at Printemps Department Store in Paris, France several years ago, on a whim, I purchased a canary yellow leather envelope pouch with snap closure – almost identical to this one from Lucrin. I fell for its sleek and slim design, and it quickly became my go-to organizer for my travel documents and passport. Most travel wallets offer too many compartments, which tends to limit what you can actually fit into it. The simple, classic construction of this pouch is the answer to overdesigned travel wallets. Plus, the bright yellow leather is easy to spot in my big tote bag!

Buy: $72 CDN, Lucrin

Yellow Leather Travel Envelope
Grey and white Jump Cable


Ellereigh Rogerson's pick:

As a designer I'm constantly running errands and visiting job sites, taking photos, making notes and corresponding with team members. Since I rely on my phone to keep me organized, I need it to be fully charged as much as I am! This charger is my life saver in the most desperate of times. It’s super small and lightweight so it can easily fit in my bag. It connects directly to my computer while I’m in the studio and charges my phone at the same time. It also acts as a USB to upload and store photos. Love it!

Buy: $60 CDN, Native Union

Wall Calendar

Nicole Herman's pick:

I’m old school and love hand-written paper notes and calendars. They help keep me on top of things and stay organized with my daily tasks and lists of to dos.  And since I love to travel - this charming ‘cities’ wall calendar is a great reminder of where I’ve been and an inspiration for all the places I still want to go see. Lately I’ve been contemplating a trip to Tokyo, so when I came across this calendar with Tokyo for the month of March, I couldn’t help but take it as a sign that I need to get going with my travel plans!

Buy: $26 USD, Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. Wall Calendar open to Tokyo, March.
Baking pan organizer

Divided Kitchen Organizer

Lindsay Robinson's pick:

This handy insert for a kitchen cupboard allows you to stand serving trays, cutting boards and baking sheets upright so that your cabinet looks and stays tidy! It will also protect your trays from chipping when they’re stacked on top of each other. These organizing inserts fit perfectly in most large cupboards – especially in those cupboards directly above the fridge, and it gives you some of the function of a custom kitchen without the investment!

Buy: $12 CDN, Kitchen Stuff Plus

Storage Baskets

Laura Fremont's pick:

I love a collection of lidded storage baskets in varying heights, textures and hues that work with your space. They offer practical storage and always look great! I live in a small apartment so I’m always looking for more storage. I have a collection of woven baskets under my entry console where I tuck my hats, scarves and things I need at the ready.

Buy: $120 USD, Connected Goods

Basket hamper next to wooden stool
"This Week", Orange Daily Planner


Kate Stuart's pick:

I couldn't make it through the week without this! As much as I love my iPhone and all that it does, I still need to write it out the good old-fashioned way to lock it in my brain. I keep one on my desk at the office and one on the kitchen counter at home for the rest of life!

Buy: $7 USD, Knock Knock Stuff

Decorative Bowls

Tiffany Piotrowski's pick:

For as long as I can remember, my morning routine involved a frantic search for my keys. No matter how well I planned my day, I was clearly staying put until I found them. I don't love the look of key hooks, so instead I keep my keys in a porcelain bowl by the door on my entryway console. These bowls from West Elm are inexpensive and easy on the eyes. If you have a history of losing your keys like me - one of these pretty bowls will inspire you to drop your keys on the way in, so that next time, you can be out the door and on schedule!

Buy: $13 CDN, West Elm

Decorative Bowls, multi-coloured.
Clear Organization Trays

Acrylic Drawers Organizers

Lindsay Mens Craig's pick:

By nature I’m not an organized person, so when it comes to organizing my own home I realized I’m my own worst enemy. Every time I open drawers, I can’t find a thing! I recently came to my senses and purchased clear acrylic drawer organizers. They come in all different shapes and sizes to help keep all my things in order. Hopefully this means I can finally lose the nickname “Heidi Von Stache-a-Lot”.

Buy: $4 - $25 USD, Bed, Bath & Beyond

Glass Jewelry Box

Allison Willson's pick:

These glass lidded boxes are amazing for storing jewelry, spare change, and other small-ish items. They are so simple and gorgeous, and come in different colours, so adding them into your bathroom or bedroom scheme is easy! Not to mention totally gorgeous!

Buy: $50 USD, Hermosa Design

Green and Orange Glass Jewelry Storage Boxes
Muuto Dots Wall Hooks

Muuto Dots Wall Hooks

Muuto 'The Dots' Hooks

Lindsey Levy's pick:

In our new house, I was struggling to find the ideal coat rack for the entry. The main floor is open concept which means jackets and purses were always finding their way to our living room furniture. I wanted a solution that was as functional as a coat rack but also attractive when not in use. Muuto Dots fit the bill perfectly. They are modern and sculptural and can be arranged in any number of ways and colour combinations.

Buy: $149 USD (Set of 5), Design Within Reach

Dry Erase Weekly Calendar

Natalie Hodgin's pick:

My days are spent juggling multiple design projects, planning my nights and weekends and mapping out my children’s school and activity schedule! Every Sunday night, I post the upcoming week's schedule on my dry erase calender; everything from appointments, sports, and piano lessons. At a glance I can see what's up for the day so that I can avoid forgetting to pack a swimsuit for swim day, AKA the “Mom fail”.

Buy: $24 USD, Three by Three Seattle

Dry Erase Weekly Calendar
Uten Silo Organizer

Uten Silo Organizer

Tommy Smythe's pick:

When desktop disorganization becomes all too overwhelming, I literally hit the wall. This wall mount organizer is so chic and so stylish when filled with colourful desktop clutter it doubles as art and organization.

Buy: $405 USD, Design Within Reach

Trinket Dish 

Shannon Morrison's pick:

I'm a visual person, so if I don't see it I won't use it! When it comes to organizing my jewelry, I need to be creative so that I can ensure I won't buy something that'll become a dust collector. I love this Giraffe Trinket Dish - it's a cute and playful way to corral my jewelry at the end of a busy day. And in the morning, I'm able to throw on my favourite pieces before I run out the door.

Buy: $16 USD, Anthropologie

Giraffe Jewelry Dish
Eames Hang-it-All Coat Rack, Multi-coloured Balls

Eames® Hang-it-All

Sarah Richardson's pick:

Awesome colourful storage that helps conquer clutter with style in any room. What's not to love! 

Buy: $200 USD, Design Within Reach