fbpx Gift Guide: The Christmaholic

Gift Guide: The Christmaholic

Posted on Dec 9, 2016

Diptyque Paris Gingerbread Candle

For The Gingerbread (Wo)Man

You might not be able to catch the gingerbread man, but you can definitely smell like you did! Diptyque's Delicious Spices Gingerbread Candle is a luxury present for anyone who craves the smell of warm gingerbread. The yummy-scented notes mingle with hints of tasty honey and star anise year round.

Available at: Diptyque Paris (no longer available)

Retail: $70

For The Holiday PJ Lounger

Just because you don't want to get out of your PJ's on Christmas day doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! An essential for the laziest lounger in your life, these pyjama's pack a double punch: pants with an elastic waist band (a post-holiday necessity), and proceeds directly donated to the RED campaign's fight to provide 50, 000 days of life-saving medication to communities in need.

Available at: Bed Head Pajamas

Retail: $98

Bed Head Pajamas
Christmas Lights Phone Charger

For The Exterior Illuminator

Shine bright like a Christmas tree with this festive and fun stocking stuffer! This power cord keeps phones or other USB-powered devices fully charged while providing colorful illumination - perfect for that friend who constantly drains their battery snapchatting all of the Christmas lights they see.

Available at: Urban Outfitters (no longer available)

Retail: $19

For The Tree Trimmer

Oh Alessi - your brilliance knows no bounds! This gorgeous 10 Piece Baldassarre Christmas Ornament Set, combines the nativity scene with classic Christmas tree decorations to great effect. This is a must for anyone who takes holiday home decor seriously, as these hand painted, internally mirrored spheres work wonderfully on the tree, a wreath or as a centrepiece on your table. 

Available at: All Modern

Retail: $234

10 Piece Baldassarre Christmas Ornament Set
Norman's Printery Mid-Century Wrapping Paper

For The Merry Wrapper

You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a person by their Christmas wrapping! Indulge the precise presenteur in your life by pre-gifting one of Norman Printery's mid-century modern wrapping paper sets. Made from 100% recycled kraft paper, this material is perfect for achieving those sharp edges that proper present wrapping requires.

Available at: Norman's Printery

Retail: $14

For The Grinch

I get it - the busy malls, crowded streets, non-stop shopping and rush leading up to the holidays can be a bit much. That's why I love Saje's essential oils - they're perfect for the few Grinches I keep on my list, and are known for being the best way to unwind! Sail away to calmer seas with relaxing blends that improve meditation and encourage long naps and child-free baths.

Available at: Saje

Retail: $45

Sage Relaxation Oils
Christmas Classics

For The Christmas Movie Maniac

In my house, there are a few things that mark the beginning of the holiday season - the influx of Christmas baskets, the Toronto Santa Claus parade, and spending a night in with my family to bake cookies and watch Rudolph save Christmas. This collection of seven beloved Christmas specials is a must for anyone with little ones in the house!

Available at: Barnes & Noble

Retail: $30